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I only chose to have with me highly qualified people, which allowed me, over time, to build an expert and familiar team.

The results of these years of growth have given me the freedom to invest the profits from research and development in order to offer, to dentists, multiple solutions and services for the growth of their studio.

this all stands for: guarantee|balance|continuity.

It was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of abrasive discs and materials for the processing and finishing of prosthetic products and it began to sell, in 2006, dental implants. In 2012 it obtained a certification for the production of its own implant line.


Resista produces and creates medical devices, some of the most modern in the industry, and it’s located in Omegna, a beautiful town that overlooks Lago d’Orta.

With commitment and pride, the technical and scientific staff of the Research & Development department is daily dedicated to promote innovation and improvements of its products and processes.


Resista Group's R&D program, is based on clinical indications combined with our experience in the field of implantable medical devices. We simulate the design and the final geometry using 3D modeling programs and sophisticated computerized systems, developing the rapid prototyping phases of the projects.

ICIM has certified the
Ing. C.A. Issoglio & C. S.r.l.
UNI EN ISO 13485:2016